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All American Diner (India Habitat Centre) 6.8/10


The old favourite, the safe haven for brunch seekers, the dependable All American Diner at the India Habitat Centre is usually packed to capacity on most weekends. To add to that trouble, they dont take reservations. Getting a table at around 10 am at the AAD is about as difficult as swimming through honey while your hands and feet are tied.

So you get a stool at the bar and you place your order. The food is dependable. You know what to expect. My favourite happens to be the Sunrise Skillet along with the Peanut Butter Malt. The Sunrise Skillet is an all-sorts mix of eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes and cheese while the Peanut Butter Malt is- simply put- an orgasm in a glass. If however, you happen to be not partial to peanut butter in general, there are a number of other malts and shakes- ranging from fruit-based to chocolate to coffee. The Belgian Waffle Combo is also highly recommended.

Eventually, you may get a table and be served there. Of course, you may not get a table at all- in which case you get to suffer the ignominy  of eating at the bar.  If however, you manage to get there post noon, the breakfast menu is no longer available and as a consequence, you’re more likely to get a table.

On the lunch and dinner menu- the Buffalo Wings, the Surf ‘n Turf and the Fusilli with Chicken & Veggies could possibly end up on your table and you wouldnt be disappointed. However, stay away from the Chicken Pot Pie.

There’s an interesting semi-buffet as well for the starving masses on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night out on the town. You pay Rs 445 plus taxes and you get to have whatever you want on the breakfast menu. Yes, whatever you want AND in whatever quantities you want. Obviously, you cant be sharing that. But its a good option for those pigging out sessions.

As a breakfast/ brunch place, the AAD has few comparisons. In recent times, in order to keep up with the ever increasing fan base, they now have tables outside, on the lawn, which on a cool morning- is a fairly awesome place to have breakfast/ brunch. Overall however, they could do with a little more hygiene- having spotted cockroaches in the diner a couple of times.

Ratings Scale (on 10)
Ambience 8
Ease of access 8
Service 4
Quality of food 8
Value for money 6
Would I go back there? About once in six months
Meal for two INR 1000 (without alcohol)
Serves alcohol Yes
Credit cards Accepted

Top Tips

  • Check out the wide variety of Americana on display- from old Coke poster ads to a jukebox!
  • Alcohol is served from 11 am onwards. A beer with breakfast anyone?
  • Try pairing a brunch at the AAD preceded by a walk in Lodhi Gardens (right opposite to the IHC) and followed by a tour of whatever art show that’s on at IHC. Cant think of a better way to spend a lazy Sunday.
  • Forget about calories- just this time 🙂

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