Blanco (Khan Market) 6.1/10


Approximately half of all eateries in Khan Market involve a climb up a long, narrow flight of stairs to get to the restaurant to begin with. Blanco is no different. At one point of time, this was my favourite place in Khan Market- but one bad experience with a steak last May changed all that. After almost a year, I thought it was time to give it another shot to see if things had gotten better.

I was not disappointed. While the decor remains the same, the staff service seems to have improved and the steak is infinitely better than last time. However, the lack of steak knives is surprising and counts as a bit of a let down. The mushroom and pepper sauce was perfect and the flavours did penetrate right into the meat. However, I can safely say that the steak, much like most other restaurants in Delhi, is buffalo meat and not beef. This wasnt the case with them originally, where they would use beef say- a couple of years back.

Fellow foodie Rukmini ordered her favourite- the fish and chips, which wasnt undercooked like in Xes Cafe, nor was it breaded like the ones you get at Route 04 (which she prefers, I don’t). The tartar sauce was excellent to the point that we actually had to order a second bowl. The new menu also seems to be interesting.

But all said and done, a Saturday lunch on the terrace, while the sounds of Khan Market below filter up is a most enjoyable meal. Add to that the present offer of Rs 109 for a mug of draught beer and you’re pretty much sorted.



Top Tips

  • Like with all other places in Khan Market, parking is a pain, especially on weekends
  • Not for the arthritic or those suffering from rheumatism or obese enough not to be able to climb stairs
  • New menu!
  • Forget the desserts, Big Chill and that crepes place reign supreme



Ratings/ Quick Facts Scale (on 10)/ Remarks
Ambience 8
Ease of access 7
Service 6
Quality of food 7
Value for money 4
Would I go back there? Sure, just not every month
Meal for two Rs 1500 (without alcohol)
Serves alcohol Yes
Credit cards Accepted









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