Sushi (Moets- Defence Colony) 4.5/10


Of late, there’s been a flurry of activity in the Japanese cuisine space in Delhi. Perhaps it’s a sign of the growing affluence of the middle class, who now can afford exotic gourmet cuisine in the Capital. While I would always prefer the lunch spread at Threesixty at the Oberoi or the platter at Sidewok in Khan Market, we decided to try out a place none of us had been to before. So, enter Sushi- Moets’ offering in Oriental cuisine. The reservations were made- something that was recommended. Plus, since it was fellow foodie (and now fiancee) Rukmini’s birthday, I wanted it to be perfect.

Getting there wasnt an issue at all. Defence Colony is well connected, being in the heart of South Delhi. As you climb up the narrow stairs to the first floor of the building that is unofficially referred to as ‘Moet’s’, you begin to soak in the warm ambience, the soft lighting and the background music. The maitre d shows you to your table, which we had to change a couple of times- they had left the air-conditioning on way too high for early December

The wine list is impressive, but we were there just for the Sushi. And its a pity they didnt have any sake. I mean, come on! What kind of self respecting Japanese restaurant doesnt serve sake? I dont need warm- cold will also do. Sighing at our sake-less fate, we ordered the miso soup, the veggie tempura and the seafood platter.

The miso soup was wonderful- just what we needed on a nippy evening. Although initially, I did think they could have put in a little less fish stock/ sauce. Then it was time to go on to the tempura veggies. Again, while the batter and the light soup that accompanies tempura were acceptable, I found it a little difficult to imagine why would the chef subject his poor guests to such mammoth sized pieces. And try cutting a stick of asparagus with a pair of chopsticks. Go ahead, do try.

Now comes the seafood platter. Oh wait, did I say platter? No no, that cant be right. This was a well decorated plate, replete with wasabi and ginger and- hod your breath two types of sushi. One was a prawn nigri which was by far- the high point of the meal (four pieces) and the other was a generic tuna and salmon roll (four pieces each) with which I wasnt impressed. At all. Overall, we felt that a restaurant that serves a sushi platter, that too for close to Rs 1000 a plate needs to have more than 3 types of sushi on it. Where’s the yellowtail? Where’s the sashimi?

The service was another issue. Painfully slow, the waiters had to be reminded twice of our order. Finally, when the sushi did arrive, it did so sans soya sauce. They got the soya sauce (not the low sodium version) and looked at me blankly when I asked for a second bowl (it is considered inappropriate to share a dipping bowl when having sushi).

To top it off, fellow foodie Rukmini, who happens to really like sushi, fell ill the day after. I think I’ll stick to Sidewok or Threesixty next time.

Ratings/ Quick Facts Scale (on 10)/ Remarks
Ambience 7
Ease of access 7
Service 3
Quality of food 4
Value for money 2
Would I go back there? Only if you promise me that we wont have sushi
Meal for two Rs 1800 (without alcohol)
Serves alcohol Yes
Credit cards Accepted

Top Tips:

  • The ‘valet’ (the boy who will take your keys when you park the car) will ask for Rs 20. The parking ticket says rs 10. Your call.
  • Strange how the other offerings of Moets, such as Stone are in a different league altogether.
  • Sushi does serve other oriental cuisine (apart from Japanese). I sincerely hope they do that better than their namesake.

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