The Kitchen (Khan Market) 7.4/10


Nestled in in a corner (next to where Khan Chacha’s outlet used to be) of the middle lane of Khan Market lies a slightly unlikely sort of restaurant. Its not large by any standards. It’ll seat about 20 at best. But having dined there a number of times, I can tell you that it serves some of the best food in Khan Market. The ambience is akin to a warm welcoming living room, painted in red, with posters and paintings adorning the walls. The service staff is efficient, if slightly stretched- owing to the usually full complement of guests.

You might want to try the glass noodle salad. Light, well seasoned, with a tangy, zesty citrus flavour. While they have a large variety of mains, the dish to try out is the Khao Swey. Originating in Burma, Khao Swey is essentially noodles with a coconut milk based gravy. While the original recipe calls for mutton in the gravy, The Kitchen serves vegetarian and chicken versions. While for puritans of part-Burmese descent (like me), this is slightly sacrilegious, its not all that bad. The coconut milk imparts a creamy texture to the gravy, which is swimming with chicken, noodles and eggs. Then you have the usual assortment of condiments- peanuts, crispy potato wafers, fried garlic lime and onions. This allows the diner to build up a personalised khao swey according to his/her tastes. Personally, I like it with lots of garlic and lime, topped off with the potato wafers and a little bit of onions. While, I cant say that its authentic Khao Swey, it does remind me a little of my grandmothers cooking.

Amongst the other mains, I would suggest the chorizo burger. Of course, they may not have chorizo all the time, in which case try the keema pao. In the desserts, try the cheesecake. But if you are a Big Chill cheescake afficionado, prepare to be slightly disappointed. You could also try the Lemon Yoghurt cake.

But here’s the thing, you cant really classify The Kitchen as having a particular type of cuisine. Its got a mix of Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, American and even Burmese! There a cross section of most types of cooking, and I’d recommend The Kitchen over most other eateries in Khan Market. A must go-to if you’re particularly fond of citrusy flavours.

Ratings Scale (on 10)
Ambience 7
Ease of access 8
Service 7
Quality of food 8
Value for money 7
Would I go back there? Without a doubt
Meal for two INR 1500 (without alcohol)
Serves alcohol No
Credit cards Accepted

Top Tips

  • Check out the Khao Swey Counter on the blackboard
  • Also check out the huge copper cauldron they use as a basin in the washroom!
  • Instead of having dessert at The Kitchen, head on over to Big Chill or Chokola or even Mrs Kaurs
  • The head waiter is extremely efficient and courteous. Big thumbs up!
  • Feel free to ask them to reduce the volume of the music- some times it does get a little too loud.
  • For the veggie lovers and health freaks- check out their healthy options portion of the menu

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