Thai High (Mehrauli) 7/10


What’s a restaurant like you doing in a place like this? That’s the first question I asked as I entered this partially-open air restaurant in Mehrauli. Situated on a busy street next to the Mehrauli Bus Terminus, you would hardly expect an upmarket place amidst the rickshaws, honking cars and daredevil bikers. But, you drive up to the Ambavata Complex, get out of your car and the liveried valet is happy to take over the pains of finding parking space.

As you ascend the three stories (and one flight of stairs) to the rooftop restaurant, the mood changes further. You are now greeted by the maître d’, soft music, a fresh breeze and is that a hint of lemongrass? Difficult to imagine a tranquil ambience when you know of busy street below.

And really, the ambience of Thai High is one of its major selling points- primarily because of its location. But once you get over the environment (where the honking cars can still be heard, but far far away), you look around and spot the majestic Qutub Minar towering over the minions of houses and offices that crowd Mehrauli. At closer proximity is the tomb of Adham Khan.

The food is acceptable- although the vegetarian fare leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, as a hard-core non-vegetarian, that didnt pose of problem for me (read, vegetarians and vegans- stay away!) We ordered their signature Thai High Satay which was a bit of a let down. The chicken was slightly undercooked marring what would have been an absolutely fantastic starter. The peanut sauce was perfectly seasoned, although I would personally prefer the peanuts to be chopped slightly finer as opposed to something that resembles crunchy peanut butter.

The main course was a thai red curry (fish) and crispy noodles (chicken). While the crispy noodles were pretty good, drizzled with some kind of chicken strips barbequed in a tamarind sauce base, I was blown away with the red curry. I’m not a great fan of oriental food, particularly Chinese cuisine, but Thai food is ok. That said, the red curry was perfect. Not heavy at all, it struck the perfect balance between the zing of the lemon grass and the solid creamy base of coconut milk. We were left licking off the last dregs of the curry.

The Baileys chocolate mousse which we ordered for dessert was par for the course- nothing to write home about. The thai-style cooking at this restaurant remains its forte.


Ratings Scale (on 10)
Ambience 9
Ease of access 5
Service 8
Quality of food 7
Value for money 6
Would I go back there? Without a doubt
Meal for two INR 1500 (without alcohol)
Serves alcohol Yes
Credit cards Accepted

Top Tips:

  • Going to Thai High for dinner is far better than lunch- the soft lighting and open air on a summer (or even autumn) night can be awesome
  • Also, they open up the upper terrace for better views of the Qutab, lit up in the darkness. You can see for miles around.
  • The upper terrace is also fantastic for private parties
  • The valets are highly courteous and helpful only once they know that you’re headed to Thai High
  • If you’re heading there on a weekend it would be helpful getting reservations
  • Vegetarians and vegans- you could possibly give this one a miss

Getting there:


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  1. Nicely done Arjya. Congratulations.

    A few years ago the same venue housed an amazing restaurant called the Thai-Wok. It was managed and owned by three women entrepreneurs and was the most amazing Thai food I had had eaten outside of the Thai Pavilion in Mumbai. Last I heard it had moved to West Delhi.

    I do agree with all that you said in your review. The quality of the food has to be upped as the restaurant cannot only survive on the basis of its breath-taking location.


    • Thanks Girja! Totally agree with you. However, as far as the view goes, there would be few other restaurants in Delhi to match it.

  2. A thumbs up on the ambiance.. So beautiful… Magique in Garden of Five Senses has an equally if not better ambiance.. especially at night and winter mornings… though the view wins hands down here. I would also like to know the other restaurants which would have the view to match this in Delhi.

    • True. However, I’d still say the view at Thai High is far better than Magique. Also, Magique, while one of the finest restaurants in Delhi, in terms of quality of food, is slightly overpriced.

  3. Like your blog! Thai High is a favourite. If you eat pork, you must have their Sliced pork with honey chilli sauce on your next visit.

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